Check Print & Send Services

There is no need to print your checks and invoices in-house anymore. Monecity allows your business a simple, secure, and cost-efficient outsourced printing solution.


To print your checks and invoices, simply Upload your CSV file template using our secure and encrypted file upload system though our printing portal.


Our secure printing portal is your direct link to our secure printing facilities. Our facilities comply with all HIPAA regulations, HITRUST CSF and SOC 2 Type 2 Certified, and ISO 9001 2015 Certified.


The average cost to print a check is close to $4.60. Monecity streamlines your check printing process, lowering your overall cost to print a check by close to 70%. Savings can be considerably more, depending on Volumes and ERP integrations.

If the business is printing and sending all of their own checks in-house, that same “check file” that is currently being sent to their “Printer” to print, is the exact same “check file” they could be uploading into a secure portal our team can provide.

However, the only difference through our portal, is the administrator would just press “send” and we automatically print/sort/send their checks for them (with no additional headaches and costs that are bullet-pointed below).

In-House Printing Costs

• Expensive monthly printer costs
• Specialty ink reloads
• Check stationary/stock
• Envelopes with addresses printed
• Eliminate cost of additional stamps
• Time & Labor costs
• Energy costs, especially if it is running 24/7
• Security risks of doing in-house
• Additional malfunctioning maintenance

Security and Compliance

• HITRUST CSF Certified
• HITRUST CSF Certified
• SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant
• ISO 9001 Certified
• HIPAA Compliant
• Our company does not pull  any funds out of your treasury bank (purely Print & Sending services)
      *If you bounce a check, it is on you
      *If you need to cancel a check, call your bank
• All we are doing is giving you a more simple way to print & send checks in a secure and reliable fashion

* Medicare & Medicaid information print & send options available as well
** Our facilities all meet the complex compliance requirements to handle sensitive data and materials for our clients*